Financial Services And Capital Markets

The integration of digital technologies has transformed banking, asset and wealth management, and insurances sector, so that they can offer responsive and efficient systems. Banks and insurance companies have adopted digital solutions to streamline their operations such as mobile and online services. In capital markets, digitization has revolutionized trading using algorithims for faster and more efficient transactions. The new emerging disruptive business models like cryptocurrency and digital assets, the growing need for improving financial security and responses to risk, and regulatory needs are redefining the entire sector. New technologies like blockchain and AI are being introduced to produce solutions to customers and optimize the results. Fraud, risk, and regulatory systems are more important than ever, and we expect to see an increasing number of jobs in these areas.

Some Of The Segments We Serve

  • Digital – Data Analytics, AI/ML, Big Data Resources
  • Cloud – Architects, Developers, IAC Developers
  • Functional – Risk Managers, TTRO Analysts
  • Security – Security and Cybersecurity Engineers

Why Us?

We handle it all – start to finish

We take ownership of the position and the sourcing process. With a complete understanding of the hiring needs, we source, qualify, and submit candidates customized to your need.

We have the latest industry knowledge

Our team of recruiters has deep insight into the industry as well as the software and hardware platforms. We have access to a talent pool of specialists to provide the quickest turnaround possible.

We stay in touch 24/7

We understand that communication is key. We pay close attention and proactively work to understand you and your business and to zero down on the right resources.

We find the right fit

We cherry-pick our resources, bringing the diversity and skills which are screened by our team of recruiters and not an AI tool!

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