Managed Services

Small to mid-sized organizations can feel stretched with their current resources and can offload some of their IT road-mapping & talent management with us so that they can focus on their core business. Large organizations also at times feel this resource scarcity during crunch time, and our managed service can help them sail through these critical times.

Accliive helps its clients follow through with their commitments by adding value with the help of the managed service team. We provide resource support and technical expertise or complete IT management as deemed necessary.

If you’re overwhelmed, we can do a health check and narrow down the slice of managed services that would be viable for your business. We work in a collaborative, consultative form and spend to understand your culture, people, processes, and IT environment. We ultimately would like to be a partner in business who makes it easy for you, by offering a service that matches your need and helps you achieve your IT vision for your business.

Accliive provides

Application Support: By outsourcing application management to Accliive, organizations can reduce their in-house IT support costs and improve the reliability and performance of their applications. We provide application development, maintenance, training, and support and monitoring services.

Technical Support: We provide end-user support with the IT help desk and service desk centers. We also provide software management, updates, and system and network administration that is cost-effective and conforms to the high standards of our clients.

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